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Forced convection tempering furnace

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The products of forced convection tempering furnace are divided into: upper heat fan convection, upper and lower heat fan circulation convection, principle of forced convection tempering furnace: This series of products adopts specially designed convection fans and unique hot air circulation structure according to the principle of convection heating. This advanced technology has greatly accelerated the heating speed of the glass surface, greatly improved the production efficiency and product quality, especially in the processing of Low-E glass, which has unparalleled advantages.

First, advantages

采用全对流模式,与传统的通过增加平衡管强化上部对流的结构, 即:使用对流 + 辐射混合加热方式有质的区别,从根本上解决了由于 Low-E 玻璃上下表面辐射率不同带来的一系列加热问题; 1. Adopt the full convection mode, which is different from the traditional structure that strengthens the upper convection by adding a balance tube, that is, the convection + radiant mixed heating method has a qualitative difference, which fundamentally solves the problem of low-E glass with different emissivity zones A series of heating problems

在炉宽方向设置了更多的加热区, 每个加热区域单独受控, 可以灵活地形成各种加热曲线; 2. More heating zones are set in the width direction of the furnace, and each heating zone is controlled independently, which can flexibly form various heating curves;

根据炉长设置数量合理的、能独立进行控制对流强度的对流单元。 3. Set a reasonable number of convection units that can independently control the intensity of convection according to the furnace length. The convection fan is placed on the upper part of the convection box, which is beneficial to the balance of the airflow pressure in the furnace, supplemented by the jet nozzles and diversion devices in the furnace to make the pressure distribution of the hot airflow more uniform;

通过内设专用优化算法和 PID 数据库的计算机模糊控制温度模块,结合循环风机变频控制,定制变频曲线,按照工艺设定的加热、恒温、保温等参数,调控任意位置的加热器及风机的工作状态和所在区域的温度分布、加热气流强度,实现整个炉膛均温、多点加热、局部控温等复杂的工艺要求; 4. Through the built-in optimization algorithm and computer fuzzy control temperature module of PID database, combined with the circulating fan frequency control, customize the frequency conversion curve, and adjust the heater and fan at any position according to the process setting parameters of heating, constant temperature and heat preservation. The working conditions and the temperature distribution of the area and the intensity of the heating airflow, to achieve the complex process requirements such as the entire furnace temperature, multi-point heating, local temperature control, etc .;

通过对流参数的调整,可使炉膛下部温度设置更低,因而玻璃不容易出现白雾、麻点等加热缺陷。 5. By adjusting the convection parameters, the temperature of the lower part of the furnace can be set lower, so the glass is not prone to heating defects such as white fog and pitting. At the same time, the improvement of heating efficiency has shortened the heating time, and based on the improvement of product quality, the production efficiency has also been greatly improved.

可钢化玻璃类型 Type of temperable glass

离线 2 、在线 LOW-E 玻璃 3 、超白玻璃 4 、丝网印刷玻璃 5 、压花玻璃 6 、着色玻璃 7 、白玻 1. Offline 2. Online LOW-E glass 3. Ultra-clear glass 4. Screen-printed glass 5. Patterned glass 6. Stained glass 7. White glass

主要参数表 Third, the main parameter table

1 、表中数据按照 5 毫米白玻、 100% 装载率计算;实际数据随玻璃品种、规格大小和装载情况而有所变化,届时以供需双方约定为准。 Note: 1. The data in the table is calculated according to 5mm white glass and 100% loading rate; the actual data will vary with the glass type, size and loading situation, and then subject to the agreement between the supply and demand parties.

其他型号限于篇幅未全部罗列 2.Other models are not listed in length

本公司保留技术更新后变更相关参数之权利 3. The company reserves the right to change related parameters after technology update

AT-TAQ glass tempering furnace is mainly used for processing glass products supporting industries such as construction, furniture, home appliances, decoration, and automobiles.

Fourth, the operating points

钢化炉绝对不可以在生产过程中切换工作模式,这样将可能导致严重的工作逻辑错误,导致玻璃状态丢失,玻璃持续在炉子里不出炉。 1. The forced convection tempering furnace must not switch the working mode during the production process. This may cause serious working logic errors and cause the state of the glass to be lost. The glass will not be released in the furnace.

钢化炉绝对不可以在多工位的时候使用长度差较大的玻璃来工作,这样将可能导致玻璃位置在炉子里出现错乱,导致出炉位置波动过大,一般尺寸控制在50mm范围内。 2. The forced convection tempering furnace must not work with glass with a large length difference when working in multiple stations. This may cause the position of the glass to be disordered in the furnace, resulting in excessive fluctuations in the firing position. The general size is controlled in the 50mm range. Inside. If you choose a new specification, you must wait for all the products of the previous specification to be released before the next production.

钢化炉检修的时候务必将设备转入系统待机模式,这样设备部分动作还可以手动控制,但是系统不会自动运行生产流程的自动连续性动作。 3. During the maintenance of the forced convection tempering furnace, it is necessary to put the equipment into the system standby mode, so that some of the equipment's actions can also be manually controlled, but the system will not automatically run the automatic continuous action of the production process.

钢化炉进行系统维修时必须做好安全保护工作,在重要部门必备的时候可以按下急停按钮或者将电源切断。 4. Forced convection furnaces must perform safety protection when performing system maintenance. When necessary for important departments, they can press the emergency stop button or cut off the power supply.

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